Thursday, 6 March 2014

Bon Voyage Flickr

Still here, alive and kicking although my online presence continues to dwindle, the latest service to be shown the door being Flickr. We moved from BT a couple of months ago and knew we'd loose our free pro accounts, as fate would have it, Flickr pulled the plug on free BT pro accounts at the same time anyway. Yahoo wanted me to create a new proper id and migrate my account but I decided against that given they want your mobile number and really don't need another email account to monitor. I carried on signing in via Google but now it seems they're going to abolish that too. So with a heavy heart I've hit the delete button and as all the pictures here are linked from Flickr I expect all my images to fade away soon.

So what now? Well, I'm still active on Google Plus ( so I can pull in pictures from there like the lovely Dunnock below. Going forward I'm going to try and post highlights each month, given the recent weather you've not missed much since my last post!

Monday, 2 September 2013

White Butterfly

White Butterfly, originally uploaded by Little Brown Job.

White butterfly in the garden, there's not been so many about over the cooler weekend, looks like summer is returning this week, for a few days anyway before my favourite season takes hold, Autumn :-)